Christian Educators for Special Education in the WELS wanted to look at revamping the logo; they requested that I explore revision and redesign options.
First, I suggested possible alterations to the current logo, changing the sizing of elements of the logo and text and cleaning up the image lines and proportions.
They ultimately decided to create a new logo. I experimented with more modern fonts and incorporated star imagery to symbolize the children who make up the body of Christ with the support of special educators.

  • Logo with a red vector image of a child and adult walking through a set of double doors. The opening of the doors is the bottom portion of a cross. Next to the image is the red text "Christian Educators for Special Education: Opening the door to learning for every child."
  • A modification of the original logo that alters the size of the child and adult to be bigger in the image and the text to match the height of the image. The child and adult are slightly edited to create cleaner silhouettes.
  • A redesign of the logo with the image replaced with a child sitting on the shoulder of an adult, holding up a star. Above the people are more stars that form the shape of a cross.  The text is the same as the original logo, but the fonts have been changed.
  • The logo redesign, but colored green rather than red and with different fonts. A green border has also been added.
  • The green redesign, but without the border or the "Opening the door..." text.