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Does your church or Christian organization need some help with web design and maintenance? Do you rely on volunteers who aren’t always able to do the work quickly, or on staff who become frustrated with the inevitable website “glitches”? I’m here to solve those problems so that you can share God’s love on the web in an efficient, stress-free, and cost-effective way!

Would you also like to have more videos available to use in sermon illustrations or to announce upcoming events? I can help with that! Do you need a new logo and maybe a “logo sting” (animated logo for the end of videos) to go with it? God has blessed me with the ability to produce these as well!

Hello! My name is Karina Mose, and I am a Christian artist who specializes in various forms of digital media creation and management. A lifelong dreamer, I highly value creativity and often challenge myself to figure out new and clever solutions to problems. I’ve earned diplomas in both web design and video production at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I have been professionally employed as a website creator and trouble-shooter, but realized I have a heart for using my skills for to serve God. I want to do these services for churches and Christian organizations—at a reduced rate—because I love Jesus and want to use my talents to spread the good news about His love.

I am currently doing the design and web maintenance for two Christian organizations, and I want to expand my work in that area. Below you can see several examples of my work on websites, videos, and images, including some project overviews where I discuss my process. You can also send me a message if you have any questions or are interested in collaborating.

I keep track of time spent and bill at a rate of $15 per hour for Christian churches and organizations, which is well under the standard rate for this type of work, but that is because I want to show my love for Jesus by helping my siblings in Christ. For the past Christian organizations I have been working with, generally I have billed by the quarter, and it’s usually less than $200 per quarter, once the website is set up.

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Video Production

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