Audio Composition

You’ve been wandering through this forest for at least a month, you’re sure. Time isn’t told easily in this place, but the aching in your bones has burrowed so deep into your brain that you can’t remember what it is like to be still.

You haven’t encountered another living thing since you first arrived here. The birds that sang so sweetly when you approached fled once you crossed the threshold; a hundred more steps and you may convince yourself you’d only imagined them, and you’re the only being in the world.

Did you hear something?

It couldn’t be…

Bells. Like church bells, ringing out from…somewhere. Somewhere nearby. You will yourself to run; you don’t know if you’re going any faster, but you continue towards where you think the sounds are coming from. Wait, are they behind you now? You turn around. No, now you’re facing the wrong way. You turn again, but you still aren’t facing them; you still see nothing but the endless expanse of woodland. You keep moving in any direction, looking for something, anything different, anyone else. You can’t be alone here forever. You can’t.

From their mighty place in everywhere and nowhere, the bells’ rings taunt you.

This piece is my original composition, which I originally wrote in MuseScore 2. I created the sound through a combination of recordings of a live instrument and use of synthesizers through MIDI notes. My goal was to create a sense of atmosphere, similar to the kind of soundtracks and general music I enjoy listening to while working on my own creative projects.

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